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Change Device Options

You can configure RealPlayer to automatically convert music files to a specific bitrate and media formatEncoding and compression formats for files. (For example: MP3, RM, WAV, AVI.) when you copy them to your portable device. You can also configure how your portable device stores and plays these music files. You can set these and other options from the Library device view.

Change Portable Device Options 

  1. Connect your portable device to your computer.

    RealPlayer opens to the device view of the Library. (If you need to find the device view manually: click the Library tab, then click your device name in the Library sidebar.)
  2. Click Device Options on the upper-right.
  3. The "Device Options" dialog opens. Select the desired options.
  4. Click OK to accept the changes and close the "Device Options" dialog.




What it does

Device Name

Shows your current device name. Allows you to enter a "friendly" name for your portable device. To change the name, type in the box.

Auto Launch

(Default: Off): Select to have RealPlayer open when this device is connected to your computer.

Auto Import

(Default: All Off): Selecting a file type will automatically import new files of that type each time the device is connected.

Picture and Video Importing

(Default: Create a new...): Controls how imported pictures and videos are sorted in the Library.

Assigned Profile

(Default: Auto-detect): Controls the "Copy to" file type and quality settings for your device. If the profile name matches your device type, files copied to your device with RealPlayer should play correctly.

If the profile name does not describe your device, or you would like to customize: click Change to open the RealPlayer Converter "Select a Device" dialog. See RealPlayer Converter Help for details.

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