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Why do I receive the error message "You are attempting to play back an AVI file that has an unsupported audio or video format"?

The description "AVI file" does not describe a single format. AVI files can contain audio and video in many different formats. If RealPlayer can play only some of the selected file, this warning notifies you that only part of the requested file is playing back (for example, just the audio or just the video, but not both).

Partial playback occurs when your system does not have the requiredcodec installed to play back the audio or video portion of the file. If you are having problems viewing the video portion of your file, it is most likely using the DivX codec. Although other video codecs can cause the warning, DivX is the most common.

To get the latest DivX codec, go to and download the latest DivX codec pack from their site, which will include their codec.

If, after installing DivX, you are still unable to play both audio and video, contact the creators of the file and find out which codec they used and where it can be obtained.