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Clean up your music

Cleaner is a RealPlayer Plus 16 premium feature.

The more music you have, the more chaos creeps into your Library—misspellings, duplicate songs, missing album art.

Cleaner works on the music in your Library to:

How to use Cleaner

  1. Select a song or songs in your Library. (If you don't select any, Cleaner will work on all your songs.)
  2. In the task bar, click Tools and select Add Missing Album Art, Repair Information, or Delete Duplicates.
  3. Follow the steps.

How Cleaner works

Cleaner looks at the content of your songs—not just the title and artist—to get something called a digital fingerprint. With a digital fingerprint, you get the best match even if there's no info (or the wrong info) associated with the song.

You can let Cleaner make all the decisions for you, or you can review all the results before making any changes. Cleaner makes changes to the music files themselves, not just the listing in the RealPlayer Cloud Library. This means that all the improvements will carry over when you use RealPlayer Cloud to copy songs to your favorite portable devices. But it also means that changes can't be undone, which is why you have the opportunity to review all results before making the changes permanent.

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