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Playlists are your own custom groupings of clips that RealPlayer Cloud will play in sequence. They can be any combination of audio clips or video clips — any media types that RealPlayer Cloud can play, whether they're on your computer or out on the internet. Found in the Library "Playlists" category, playlists take up very little space on your hard drive, because each is simply a list of shortcuts to the media files you have grouped together.

Create a playlist for any mood, such as a "Greatest Hits" collection, or for any occasion, such as "Dinner Music for Two." You can even use a playlist to create your own news service, adding clips from your favorite programs to play in sequence.

Double-click on a playlist to open its collection of clips in the Library Display area. 

To Create and Edit Your Own Playlists, see:

Create a Playlist

Edit a Playlist

Deleting Clips and Playlists

The Playlist Pane

Good to Know

Playlists are not a part of RealPlayer Cloud. You can organize your RealPlayer Cloud storage with Collections.

Playlists can contain as many clips as you want, so you can tailor them to fit any mood or event. You can create playlists using clips of any supported file format that is not a photo.

You cannot add photos to a playlist that contains music or video clips. You cannot save a playlist of photos.


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