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How to activate RealDownloader Plus

To purchase RealDownloader Plus, click Get RealDownloader Plus Upgrade Here on the upper right of the RealDownloader window. Follow the steps.

You will receive an email with your license key.

What does a license key look like?

A license key for RealDownloader Plus looks like this:


The best way to enter it is to copy and paste from the email. If you do retype it, the license key is case sensitive. Make sure it looks exactly like it does in the email, including dashes.


Open RealDownloader.

  1. Click and select Activate.
  2. Open the email with your license key. (If you haven't purchased a license key yet, click Buy one today in the "RealDownloader Product Activation" dialog and follow the steps.)
  3. Copy the license key from the email and paste it into the "RealDownloader Product Activation" dialog.

  1. Click Activate.

How do I know it worked?

When your license key is accepted, the title bar of the RealDownloader window will change from this:

To this:

Now what?

Copy to your favorite device

Save only the sound from a video

Customize the way you copy to a device