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The "Download This Video" button

With RealDownloader installed, whenever you view a video on a web page the Download This Video button appears. You'll see it just outside the top-right edge of the video.

By default, the button appears during the first 7 seconds after the page loads, and whenever you move your mouse over the video. (If you want to turn off the Download This Video button, you can change this setting in Preferences.)

Click the Download This Video button to begin downloading the video and open RealDownloader.

If you cannot get the button to appear, try a test video.

Note: If RealDownloader detects that the video is not recordable, the Download This Video button will not be available.

The Download This Video button menu

The Download This Video button lets you choose a location for the download. Click for the drop-down menu:



What it does

Bookmark This Video

Select to bookmark the video location to view later. Bookmarks are in your Library or Web Videos.

Connect Your... or (Device name)

Shows a device when connected. Select to download to that device.

My Videos

Select to download to the My Videos folder.


Select to download to iTunes.

Select Another Device

Select to download to a different device (or to create a custom device profile).

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