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RealDownloader window

When you click the Download This Video button, RealDownloader opens in a separate window. You can use it to monitor, pause, or stop the video's download progress. However, you're also free to ignore RealDownloader as it downloads the video. Because RealDownloader is handling the download, you can close the video's web page or move on to other videos or websites.

Downloading multiple videos simultaneously

RealDownloader can download multiple videos simultaneously. While one video is downloading, you can add more videos from one or more web pages. The videos will download in the background while you do other things on your computer.

What's in the RealDownloader window?


What it does

Links (move mouse to view)

Video title (underlined)

The video has been successfully saved to your computer. Click to watch the video in RealPlayer Cloud.


Click to edit the video name. This renames the video in the Library, it does not change the file name.

Uploaded to.../Upload to...

By default, all your downloads are added to your RealPlayer Cloud. If you turn off that option, you can click to upload.


Click to post or send an email that includes a link to the video in RealPlayer Cloud.


Sends the video to RealPlayer Trimmer.

Convert to...

Converts and copies the video to a device, if a device is connected. Click to choose from a list of devices.


Cancels this download. (The video continues to play.) Cancel changes to Retry. Click Retry ( ) to start downloading again.

RealDownloader Menu

RealDownloader Options


Displays information about this copy of RealDownloader, such as the version number.


Opens Preferences.


Opens RealPlayer Cloud Help to information about RealDownloader.


Closes the RealDownloader window. It does not turn off the Download This Video button.



Upload all videos...

Select to automatically upload all videos to your RealPlayer Cloud. Deselect to disable automatic uploads.

View Library

Opens the PC & Cloud Library, where you can view your completed downloads.

Clear List

Clears completed downloads from the RealDownloader window. (Your downloading history will be visible until you click this button.)

Good to know

As with any internet activity, download speed depends on a number of factors, such the video file size, the speed of your internet connection, and so on. But typically an entire video will download to your computer in less time than the video’s duration.

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