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RealPlayer is a free product you can use to play and save many types of media content. But this is only the beginning of what RealPlayer has to offer you.

RealPlayer Plus 16 gives you extra Premium Features that can considerably enhance your RealPlayer experience. You can upgrade to RealPlayer Plus 16 in one of two ways. 

  1. Become a SuperPass or other RealNetworks subscription account member. When you subscribe to a RealNetworks content service, you get access to the full set of Premium Features. Whenever you sign in, the Premium Features are activated on your RealPlayer. Because these benefits are tied to your subscription, you can use them with any RealPlayer on any computer, anywhere.
  2. Purchase a RealPlayer Plus 16 upgrade. Permanently activate the premium features for one copy of RealPlayer. Features are available whether you're online or offline.

To sign in, click and select  Sign in.

RealPlayer Plus 16 Premium Features


DVD/SVCD Burning

AVCHD disc Burning

Accelerated downloads

10-Band Graphic Equalizer

Extra CD Burning options such as Audio Filters and Multi-Session Burning

Accelerated transfer

PlayPack including mkv and WebM

Conversion from MPEG-2 and VOB

Conversion to H.264

Print CD and DVD Jewel Case Inserts

Print the Library

Video Controls


Record Mic/Line In (Analog source recording)

DVD playback decoders

How do I know I'm signed in to RealPlayer Plus 16

When you are signed in, the RealPlayer Plus 16 logo is on the Menu button:

RealPlayer Plus logo

How can I view, manage, or change my Real subscription account?

Click , and select Help > Manage My Account.


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